Can I make money reselling cosmetics to beauty salons?

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People come to us daily with the following question: “Is it possible to have an income reselling cosmetics products to beauty salons?” Or even: “Can I really make money reselling professional cosmetics to salons in a way that this activity becomes my main source of income?” If this is your doubt as well… the answer is yes!!! It is perfectly possible to have a recurrent and excellent monthly income with cosmetic resale for beauty salons. And more than that… This is an activity, in which the profit horizon depends solely on you, in other words, your effort, dedication and improvement of sales techniques.

To help you draw your own conclusions, we developed this post where we will approach in a simple and clear way the main advantages of who chooses the resale of cosmetics to salons as an option of business. There we go…

  1. The profit margins for this activity are extremely high: Regardless of which company you choose to resell your products, we can assure you with absolute certainty that the nominal profit margin of these companies surpasses 100%. In other words, for each 100 $ you invest in products for reselling, you will have at least another 100 $ in return. Is there another business with such significant margins?
  2. The beauty market is one of the fastest growing markets in Brazil, even in moments of crisis: The statistics point to a continued growth. Brazil is the third largest consumer market of cosmetics, according to Euromonitor data, published by the Brazilian Association of the Personal Hygiene Industry, Perfumery and Cosmetics (ABIHPEC / Portuguese Initials). To have an idea about the size of this market, suffice it to say that in 2014 the Brazilians consumed 42 billion in beauty products and are close to leading the category worldwide. The visits to beauty salons which were previously seen as moments of luxury by Brazilians of classes C,D and E, became part of the routine and are nowadays seen as an investment in life quality, according to the report issued by “Folha de São Paulo” newspaper (January 12th 2015) , published in the “Equilibrium Column”. The survey conducted by the Popular Data Institute with 5 thousand people in the last quarter of 2014, points out that the emerging classes represent the majority in the beauty market. With a higher purchasing power, nowadays, out of every 100 Brazilians, 56 are from class C – what also increases the access to other markets. According to data from the Central Mailing List, the number of establishments destined to the consumption of products and services related to beauty in the country, had a growth of 250% since 2009. At that time there were 59 thousand companies in Brazil, in 2014 the number already surpassed 369 thousand companies in the sector. Considering all this offer of opportunities, it becomes impossible for a motivated person with the right products not to obtain success in such a promising market.
  1. Possibility of expanding businesses: another factor to consider is the possibility of having exceptional earnings in the business of cosmetics for beauty salons and the opportunity that some companies offer of business expansion. Most of the companies of this sector presents to its distributors more than one distribution model, in a way that the interested people can grow little by little according to their investment power in the business. This way, the person interested in being a distributor can choose which model fits his/her conditions of investment for the moment. As a rule people usually start with small investments in this business, precisely because they don’t have a significant customer base yet. Over time, if these people perform a good job it is natural that their clientele will increase gradually. It is therefore common for these people to migrate to other business models offered by these companies, which enables the formation of teams of new micro distributors that can work for them in order to meet the demand of customers in a certain region, therefore considerably increasing their monthly earnings. The great advantage in this case is that your earning are not solely originated from your individual effort, but also from the workforce of your micro distributors team.

Being a distributor of cosmetics for beauty salons is an excellent option for those who are looking for an activity that allows flexible working hours and professional independence coupled with excellent monthly earnings.


In order for this to happen, the work must be done with a lot of dedication, planning and above all, with a lot of passion for what you are doing and certainly the results will come up surprisingly.


So… what is it that you are waiting to start making money in an independent and funny way? Join us!!!

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